Saturday, August 21, 2010

Centenary Edition

Couldn't let the landmark of gaining 100 followers pass without an update, so thanks to everyone for showing interest in this grab bag of doodles! It's always great to receive feedback on this stuff and your comments are very much appreciated.

Here are a few of the warm-up sketches I generally do while developing a new piece.

Thanks for looking.


  1. These are just as cool as your finished pieces if not cooler! All of these have so much different characteristics and story. Also I'm really wow-ed at how your forms look so balanced and good while these are all so rough... awesome work!!

  2. ah thanks for showing these, and congrats on the 100 followers (104!) :)
    Great balance of shape and details.

  3. hey ian you are one hell of an artist!! i am loving these doodles!

  4. every one of them is fantastic. so inspiring, reminds me i need to stop noodling. your lines seem very well thought out and confident.

  5. your art reminds me of artwork from tekkonkinkreet artbook. very nice

  6. Hey Ian, really hoping that you check the comments on this blog. Is there any way to be able to contact you through email or anything like that?

    Would mean a lot,
    thanks :)